Cloud House by John Beckmann Hopes to Mimic Truly Great Design

 - Jul 14, 2012
References: axismundi & fastcodesign
Apple's products have always been considered to possess truly great design aesthetic, and now architect John Beckmann is striving to replicate the smooth, sleek and clean lines of the Apple iPod with his 'Cloud House.'

Founder of the New York-based architecture and design firm Axis Mundi, Beckmann has created a design for a weekend home outside of Telluride in Colorado. Like the iPod, the Cloud House is designed to be incredibly simple. Its total form is comprised of five, overlapping ellipses, so the entire silhouette is curvy and sinuous. The home also features curving glass walls as well as wooden patios that link the different ellipses together. According to Fast co.Design, the Cloud House is being built in Colorado, with another, larger version of it being built in Catalonia.

Visit the Axis Mundi site to see more of the Cloud House by John Beckmann.