'Civilized Landscape' Uses Paper Maps to Recreate Mountainous Scenes

 - Sep 21, 2015
References: kleinsun.collagesite.net
Artist Ji Zhou created a massive collection of map art titled 'Civilized Landscape,' which uses actual paper maps to create sculptures of landscapes and mountainous scenery. The entire collection is on display at the Klein Sun Gallery in New York.

The map art has been photographed and compiled into an image series that is hung on the walls throughout the space. When viewed from a distance, the art looks as though it is a true photograph of a mountain-filled landscape. However, when viewers reach a closer proximity, the truth is revealed and each image is appreciated for it bold use of paper maps. In addition to the collection of re-purposed maps, this series also features book pages that are used to create cityscapes too.

While this creative endeavor began in 2013, the experimental process has yielded stunning results and the entire Civilized Landscape collection will be on display until October 10th.