Kellogg's Recently Created a Chocolate Frosted Flakes Record

 - Apr 23, 2018
References: foodandwine & fastcompany
Vinyl records have seen a resurgence of sorts and Kellogg's cereal is hoping to cash in on this craze with a Chocolate Frosted Flakes record. Clearly designed to advertise the new cereal flavor, the record features the Simon Cowell-formed boy band PRETTYMUCH performing its single 'Hello.' The album may not look very functional, but it is actually fully playable and entirely edible.

Creating the Chocolate Frosted Flakes record was no simple endeavor, but Kelloggs managed to do it by leveraging 3D printing technology. First, a mold of the record was 3D printed with the grooves of the record printed into the shape. Then, layers of dark and milk chocolate were poured into the mold to capture the grooves. The chocolate pieces were then attached to a core made of the Chocolate Frosted Flakes cereal. Finally, a cut-out of Tony the Tiger was made in the center to reveal the Chocolate Frosted Flakes record cereal core.

Image Credit: Kellogg's