Dominique Ansel Finishes the Treat with Balsamic Caramel and a Confit Strawberry

 - Jun 5, 2015
References: dominiqueansel & refinery29
Some may believe that nothing will ever top the cronut, but Dominique Ansel refuses to give up trying to pursue the same wow factor; enter the cheese ice cream. Taking the creamy quality of burrata -- a cousin of mozzarella -- this frozen treat takes soft-serve to the next level. Ansel says, "Most soft-serve is made with a mix or powder, but I wanted to use fresh ingredients. Simple, quality flavors that we all love. And, the first flavor we came up with was burrata, because we wanted a vanilla alternative that was creamier and less sweet."

Finished with balsamic caramel and a whole confit strawberry, the cheese ice cream will be available at his new shop in the West Village in New York.