This Cheese Branding Reflects the Product's Freshness and Quality

 - Apr 13, 2015
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Designed by Petra Vass, this cheese branding for a small Hungarian cheesemaker is rustic, charismatic and communicates the small-batch, artisan values of the brand. Called Csurgódombi Sajtkonyha (Churgo-Hill Cheesekitchen), the tiny operation located in Fehérvárcsurgó, Hungary was tasked with creating a branding scheme that reflected the beautiful natural surroundings of where the products are made.

Designer Petra Vass was asked to design a visual means of communicating three central ideas; the premium quality of the cheese, the lack of preservatives contained in the products and the freshness as a result of the pure rural environment.

Using a logo that features a cheeseboard and craft paper, this example of cheese branding succeeds in creating an identity that will help them stand out on store shelves.