The Celeste Roberge Rising Cairns is Made with Wire and Rock

 - Feb 8, 2013
References: celesteroberge & mymodernmet
The Celeste Roberge Rising Cairns structure has been made in the image of the artist. Roberge worked with steel wire and rock here, forming them into the shape of a crouched human being.

Roberge is primarily concern with the intersection between history and geology in her work. Rising Cairns is reflective of these concerns given its form and the presence of the rocks. She is moreover intent on working in the themes of memory, furniture and nature, motifs that are again present in this piece.

While this installation is meant to be modeled in her shape, it is an exaggeration of her physical features as it stands at 58" x 54" x 43." Its ginormous qualities question the bodily form.