CBS's Candy Crush Will be a Game Show Based on the Popular Mobile App

 - Oct 19, 2016
References: cbspressexpress & techcrunch
CBS's Candy Crush is a newly announced game show that recognizes the ubiquity and popularity of mobile gaming. While game shows like Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! were perfect for the era of TV as the primary form of entertainment (and are indeed still entertaining today,) CBS's Candy Crush is a game show for the modern entertainment landscape.

According to the press release from CBS, the game show version of Candy Crush will involve "teams of two people [using] their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous, interactive game boards." In short, CBS's Candy Crush will be a life-sized version of the cute, casual game.

Considering that, on average, 18 billion rounds of Candy Crush are played on mobile devices every month, CBS's decision to capitalize on such a popular game is likely a smart one.