'Cauli-Bites' Reinvent Potato Tots with a Cruciferous Vegetable

 - Sep 19, 2018
References: nolitanatural & instagram
Nolita shared its cauliflower tots at this year's Natural Products Expo East, which are made without potatoes yet packed full of goodness from the cruciferous vegetable, egg whites, cheese, onion, almond flour and seasoning.

The low-carb, high-protein cauliflower tots are free from gluten and low in calories, making them ideal for a range of health-conscious consumers who are looking for an alternative to traditional potato-based bites.

A growing number of consumers adopting gluten-free, paleo, ketogenic and free-from lifestyles challenges brands to innovate to meet these new dietary needs. As such, many companies are turning to simple vegetable ingredients like cauliflower, which has the potential to serve as a great grain-free, gluten-free stand-in for everything from white rice to conventionally glutinous pizza crusts.