Audi's 'Catch the Unseen' Inspires People to Visit Remote Places

Taking inspiration from its quattro four-wheel drive system, Audi created the 'Catch the Unseen' campaign for Instagram.

This unique social media campaign is styled a competition that challenged people to get out and explore the world. Rather than just simply telling people to get outside and take a photo of their adventures, Audi asked people to go out and discover the most unexpected places. To measure the most "unseen" locations, Audi created a system that could identify how far a user's photo is from the location where the nearest geotagged Instagram photo was taken.

The winner of the Catch the Unseen competition managed to capture a photo more than eight miles away from any other geotagged Instagram photo. As a result, the winner was rewarded with a new Audi Q7 to inspire even greater adventures.