3E Rapid Prototyping is Creating Printed Automotive Parts for Ford

 - Apr 2, 2016
References: 3dprinting
Car headlights and taillights are integral to driver and passenger safety, but the design of these car components is deceptively simple, needing to offer both transparency and high visibility from a distance.

3E Rapid Prototyping is currently working on a project for Ford that involves creating 3D-printed car headlights and taillights. When tested, these pieces were found to be safer on the roads, easier to manufacture and fit with less material wasted during production.

Many automotive companies are now embracing additive manufacturing in everything from 3D-printed tires and engines to revolutionary car bodies. As well as saving costs, innovations like these new-and-improved 3D-printed car headlights and taillights have the potential to save lives when visibility is poor.