Cantaloupe by Hsian Jung Embraces Charming Imperfections

 - Feb 25, 2014
References: cargocollective & itsnicethat
The ceramic series titled Cantaloupe by Hsian Jung, an interior designer and ceramist who founded The Fruit Shop, is a whimsical set of kitchenware inspired by the produce it is named after. In fact, every collection is meant to take after a different fruit and vegetable. Next season will be heavily influenced by pumpkin and onion.

Sporting pale pastel colors and rough surfaces, there is a childlike quality about Cantaloupe by Hsian Jung that will charm many. Jung writes, "I prefer making pottery by hand to making it with a potter’s wheel; it creates a more individual, unique texture. For me, making pottery is always conflict; I want to make it as perfect and as accurate as I can but at the same time I know I’ll never get there."