This Go Girl Peach Tea Boosts Energy Without Artificial Sweeteners

 - Mar 10, 2016
References: gogirlenergy
Go Girl's range of canned tea beverages is not only refreshing but will boost energy levels naturally. Targeting health-conscious, Millennial females, the brand ensures its product features no harmful additives and artificial sweeteners.

While competing energy drinks on the market can feature a high sugar content and chemical ingredients that are proven to boost energy, Go Girl opts for a natural approach. Coming in at just 35 calories per beverage, this peach tea blend is naturally flavored with Yerba Mate herbs that are known to boost energy levels without giving drinkers the negative side effects associated with other caffeinated drinks.

In addition to boosting energy levels and quenching thirst, this canned tea will curb food cravings thanks to a Super Citrimax ingredient that is proven to suppress one's appetite without harsh side effects.