The Canada 150 Tulip Mimics the Colors of the Canadian Flag

Back in May, the National Capital Commission unveiled a new flower dubbed the 'Canada 150 Tulip,' which will help the nation celebrate it's 150th anniversary. Tulips have a special significance in Canada after the country received 100,000 bulbs as a gift of thanks for liberating the Netherlands during the Second World War. Now Canadians can carry on the tradition of planting tulips with a flower that looks just like the country's flag.

The Canada 150 Tulip is a white flower with red flames that mimic the colors of the country's Maple Leaf flag. The flower was created as part of a partnership between the National Capital Commission and the Kingdom of the Netherlands to celebrate the country's sesquicentennial. Not only have the special tulips been planted across the National Capital Region, but the flower is also available for Canadians to purchase from Home Hardware as of September 2016.