Cadbury Favourites Serves Up a Special Christmas Collection of Sweets

Many people in the Western world recognize Cadbury Favourites cropping up by the crate around Halloween time. The fact of the matter is that this manufacturer of chocolate is the preference of consumers year-round, creating a scrumptious opportunity for a holiday season selection.

The Brand Society worked on the design of this limited edition chocolate bar packaging, resulting in a collectible treat tin with an adorable appearance. A cartoon Rudolph the Reindeer features prominently on the box, with a simple smile and a Santa suit.

Inside, you can expect to find a delicious assortment of Picnic, Crunchie, Dream and Boost candy bars, to feed that increasingly encouraged sweet tooth. Overall, this scrumptiously curated collection of goodies takes clever advantage of marketing Cadbury Favourites at an indulgent time of year. The contents are always high on consumers' wishlists anyway.