Buyers Billboard Puts Responsibility in Hands of Sellers

 - Oct 26, 2011
References: buyersbillboard_ & springwise
The way the real estate market operates today is drastically different from what it was even five years go, with more and more sites dedicated to helping both buyers and sellers. One of these sites is Buyers Billboard, a UK-based site that matches up those looking to buy homes and those wishing to sell theirs.

Buyers Billboard operates kind of like a matchmaking website. Buyers log on and input what they're looking for, such as the house's size, location and price. These details are added to a system that tells sellers when a buyer's specifications matches -- on a percentage basis -- what they're selling. Then, it is the responsibility of the seller to contact the buyers that look the most promising.

Sellers only have to pay a flat fee of 150 pounds if they find a buyer through Buyers Billboard. For buyers, the service is completely free.