This Glow in the Dark Burger Toy Makes a Wonderful Collector's Item

After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign last year, this comic book-inspired burger toy is available for purchase. The Cheestroyer Cheeseburger is a glow in the dark, vinyl toy that resembles a shelled monster with a cheeseburger head. The snack-sized toy is the toy incarnation designed by Brisbane, Australia-based Bad Teeth Comics and sculpted by Double Hunt.

The Mini Cheestroyer is an excellent way to begin your indie toy collection. It also makes a great gift for a child if you don't want to buy him toys from Walmart or Toys'R'Us. As it's designed by artists who don't belong to large corporations, you can feel good about this present.

The burger toy shell is made out of a sesame bun. A variety of heads, shells and other accessories are also available for the Mini Cheestroyer.