This Browser Infrographic Explains Which Browsers Get the Most Action

 - Jun 4, 2014
References: pornhub & gizmodo
Responding to an inquiry from Gizmodo, the PornHub team created a browser infographic to determine which web service was most popular.

From smart phones to tablets, the technological evolution has provided us with countless ways to enjoy pornography. Unsurprisingly, the desktop computer remains the number one choice for knocking one out. When it comes to desktops, Google Chrome is by far the most popular choice for polishing your pole -- or should I say, chrome. However, when it came to porn-on-the-go, Safari took the number one spot. In terms of time spent on the site, Internet Explorer users preferred to take their time, clocking in at ten and a half minutes. In comparison, Chrome and Firefox users were able to get their rocks off a whole two minutes quicker.

When it comes to content, the data reveals that Chrome and Firefox users are partial to "mom" searches, while Safari users are more likely to search for massages with happy endings. Interestingly enough, Internet Explorer features a high number of searches for Japanese videos.