The Brownerie Box is Cooly Classic With Clever Cute Accents

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: index34 & lovelypackage
The sugar crafters at Brownerie turned to the creative minds at the design firm Index43 to help devise a brand persona for the company with packaging to match. The result is an understated creation with thoughtful touches clever cuteness. The simple typography is jazzed up by inconsistent sizing, which adds a little visual excitement to an otherwise quietly classic box. The copy tells it like it is stating, "Sweet little delicious hand made piece of heaven inside." How else would you describe the wonders of a homemade brownie?

A simple emblem is used to represent Brownerie and the brand’s name is in an unassuming position. It is as if the brand is so confident in the product that the consumer will work to remember the name in order to experience the same level of bliss all over again. The pamphlet of information that accompanies every box is printed on chocolaty brown paper and sports similar typography to the box, but what is fetching about this flyer is the cartoonish bite taken out of the corner.

Clever, cute and classic, the Brownerie packaging oozes charm and promise.