Knits by Brooke Roberts Turn Medical Imagery into Chic Patterns

 - Jan 24, 2015
References: google & dezeen
Working as digital knitwear designer and a radiologist, it's only natural that Brooke Roberts' creations seamlessly blends science and art. The knitwear designs begin as medical imagery that eventually becomes an integral part of the garment's shape, pattern and texture. Since the photos stem from scans of the human body, there's a natural rhythm and mathematic form to the patterns that end up on the garments.

These scanned images are usually collected from friends, which gives the garments meaning. Since Roberts notes that most brain scans look very similar, the artist does take some liberties when editing the scanned imagery with computer software to make each piece look unique. Once finalized, the patterns are programmed into a knitting machine and designs like the ones in this Autumn/Winter collection are created.