This Whole Grain Breakfast Biscuit is Delicious and Nutritious

 - Apr 12, 2016
References: theglobeandmail
Breakfast biscuits are often thought of as being greasy and unhealthy and this is often true, but now when you take advantage of this particular whole-grain breakfast biscuit recipe created by Jackie Kai Ellis, owner of Vancouver's Beaucoup Bakery.

To prepare these breakfast biscuits, start by blending flour, baking powder, sugar, baking soda, seasoning, dates and citrus zest in a food processor, before adding butter and pulse and whisking in buttermilk, vanilla and egg. After chilling the mixture, brush the top of the resulting shortcake with egg and salt and sprinkle flax seeds for extra crunch and nutritional goodness.

This wonderful whole grain breakfast biscuit can be topped with cardamom cream, apricots or jam but is delicious enough to be eaten alone. This is one dessert-style that manages to retain nutritional goodness.