This Brand Reinvented Its Identity to Target Younger Audiences

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: thedieline
The 'WKD' brand reinvented itself in order to shed dated ideas of what sells and to bring a more modern perspective in the alcoholic drinks it offers.

The brand enlisted design agency 'jones knowles ritchie' to create this new identity and the resulting drinks are perfectly suited to target the 18-24 year old demographic that WKD is aiming to reach. Each beverage comes with minimal labeling that vertically reveals the WKD logo, while underneath is a small circular stamp on which the flavor of the drink is shown to the consumer. With flavors such as 'iron brew, berry, passion fruit and blue,' each bottle reflects those with the individual colors of the drinks.

When WKD reinvented itself, it did so in the hopes of appealing to younger demographics that are more attracted to minimalism and modernism -- and the brand managed to do just that.