Protect Your Bra In The Wash

 - Apr 19, 2007
References: brababy
We women have all spent what our significant others considers to be a ludicrous amount of dough on a new bra, right? Time and again you've justified that the new sexy undergarment is definitely worth the price.

You wear it once and feel like a divine sex goddess. It seems, however, that you may have gotten it a little sweaty the last time you (he) ripped it off.

Now you'll have to hand-wash it, and we all know what a pain that can be. Into the ever-growing pile of stuff-I'll-hand-wash-when-I-have-a-spare-moment it goes.

Either that, or you'll be tempted to throw it in the regular laundry: but you know you run the risk of ultimate destruction every time you cut those corners. Every woman who's tried cheating and thrown a bra in the washer knows that if you're lucky enough not to have an under-wire burst a seam, it will likely get into a huge knot with your other clothes, leaving you to untangle a cold, wet mess.

Women of the world, it's time to bow to the makers of the BraBaby, the unique gadget that lets you throw those sexy delicates straight in the machine, without any risk of damage.

Just close the clasp of your bra, mold the cups are the inner shell and tuck the straps inside, then simply snap the shell shut and throw the BraBaby in with the rest of your clothes.

Still have your knickers in a knot about ordering one of these? Then consider this: the nifty little gadget even lets you toss your lavish under-things in the dryer!