The Bourbon Bagel is Infused with Liquor and is Served With a Shot

 - Jul 29, 2016
References: facebook & foodiggity
Chicken & Sons is an Australian eatery that offers an over-the-top boozy shooter burger called the Bourbon Bagel that is infused with bourbon in all aspects of the dish. The burger is also served with a shot held in place on the top bun, for added decadency.

Bourbon and beef are often paired together, as the two provide a complementary flavor profile. However, the Bourbon Bagel takes this pairing to the next level by infusing the beef patty and every other element of the burger with bourbon. This includes an Angus beef patty topped with cheese, bourbon bacon, bourbon barbecue sauce and spicy jalapeƱos. The dish is then topped with a sesame bun with a hollowed-out centre for a shot of bourbon to fit into.