The Boon Loopiote Nightlight is an Enlightening Bedtime Companion

 - Apr 12, 2013
References: & industrialdesignserved
One solution to a sleepless child who's afraid of the dark is to provide him with a source of light to illuminate the shadowy corners of his bedroom; the Boon Loopiote Nightlight supplies this comfort and a handful of others. Designed by Juliette Bouilly, the little lantern stays alight until your youngster's eyelids get heavy and it brightens up immediately when it's needed next.

A built-in 20-minute timer causes the light to gradually fade so that it should remain off for the duration of the night. However, if the little one wakes up, a simple touch to the flashlight will make it luminescent once more. A magnetic electrical cord can detach from the Boon Loopiote Nightlight with a tug so that the lamp can be carried by its handle to the bathroom.