Rotterdam Will Install a "Bobbing Forest" in 2016 for a Greener City

 - Dec 30, 2015
The 'Bobbing Forest' is an impending initiative in Rotterdam that will see a number of singular floating trees will be installed in a harbor of the Dutch coastal city. The unique technology was pioneered by designers and entrepreneurs at Mothership and will begin rolling out at different points beginning March 16, 2016.

The 'Bobbing Forest' program will see the first set of 20 trees installed in Rotterdam's Rijnhaven, a downtown harbor basin, on that March date. The positive initiative helps solve the challenges of incorporating more greenery in an urban area mostly covered in concrete.

The entire project is aimed at creating a greener Rotterdam and was inspired 'In Search of Habitus' by Jorge Bakker, which features an aquarium filled with small "bobbers" that can grow trees.