This BMW Super Bowl Commercial Goes Back in Time to 1994

 - Jan 27, 2015
References: bmw & adweek
Although 1994 really wasn't that many years go, we've come a long way in that time, as this hilarious BMW Super Bowl ad points out. The ad begins with an old, now infamous clip of Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric on The Today Show desperately trying to understand the Internet, or at the very least, what the "@" symbol is.

Then, the commercial flashes forward to the present, with Gumbel and Couric sitting in a futuristic car. The scenario from before is played out again with the two trying to understand what BMW's i3 is all about and how a car could possibly be powered by wind. To stitch these two scenarios together, the 2015 Super Bowl ad concludes with a note that "Big ideas take a little getting used to."