Blueberry Glasses Makes Blue Light Glasses to Shield the Eyes

 - Apr 10, 2017
The fashion-forward styles from Blueberry Glasses might not seem like specialized eyewear, but the company actually makes blue light glasses to filter UVs and 40% of blue light.

The BLP LENS technology helps to protect the eyes from the blue light that is emitted by everything from laptop screens and smartphones to TVs. While the eyes are naturally designed to block most UV light from reaching the retina, blue light is much harder for the eyes to filter on their own. Exposure to blue light can be incredibly disruptive to the body's circadian rhythm and can sometimes also lead to digital eye strain and discomfort.

Blueberry Glasses' line of Computer Eyewear includes four models: the fashionable S, M, the vintage-inspired L and the oversized XL for a better screen-viewing experience.