Village Vanguard Created Pigmented Blue Chocolate with a Colored Jam

 - Feb 6, 2018
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Village Vanguard in Japan is now selling naturally tinted blue chocolate that gets its distinctive hue from a Natural Blue Apple Jam that is sourced from the Aomori prefecture.

Although Village Vanguard admits that it encountered challenges getting the chocolate to accept the color since the jam is translucent, the addition of blue-colored herbs created the desired results. Across the food and beverage industry, there are now a number of products that integrate the butterfly pea flower for its uniquely bold and natural blue hue.

In the last year, the ruby chocolate has been identified as the fourth kind of chocolate—alongside white, milk and dark varieties. Although consumers are used to seeing confectionery products that are artificially colored, these kinds of innovations appeal to those who are seeking out cleaner, simpler alternatives that can be sourced from nature.

Image Credit: BIGLOBE