- Feb 14, 2019
Those who are looking to celebrate February 14th by giving something other than a classic bunch of red roses are turning to offbeat Valentine's Day bouquets with edible components. As people love receiving chocolates and confections just as much as roses on the romantic occasion, these alternative arrangements offer novel ways to get to one's heart through their stomach.

While foods like potato chips, instant noodles and breadsticks are beloved year-round, they are generally not top-of-mind when it comes to Valentine's Day. To remedy this, a number of brands have assembled creative bouquets—some of which are instantly giftable and others that require some assembly.

Those who know someone with a sweet tooth will take delight in treating someone special to a bouquet made entirely out of donuts or peanut butter cups, while there are also plenty of other options for those who prefer salty, savory or even sour flavors.

From Tangy Pickle Bouquets to Instant Noodle Bouquets: