The Birell Re-Design Features Thermochromic Ink

 - Oct 6, 2014
References: rexam
Rexam, a "leading global beverage can maker," has partnered with SABMiller to create a new design for the non-alcoholic beer brand, Birell.

Thermochromic ink on the can changes color when the drink is at its optimal drinking temperature. The matte varnish offers a soft, sophisticated look that is on par with Birell's esteemed standing as a premium brand. Technical details aside, the design is simple but eye-catching; something that will appeal to the "active" adults the brand is reaching out to with this product. Again, the choice to package in aluminum is a smart and sustainable one, as aluminum is recycled at double the rate than any other material.

The 500ml cans will be available in Spring 2015 for the Czech Republic.