This Elegant Bird Art Represents Stony Creek Brewery's Seasonal Brews

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: stonycreekbeer & thedieline
'Response Marketing' designed the new labels for the seasonal beers produced by Stony Creek Brewery, since the brewery recently created three new seasonal brews that required unique and fresh labels.

The new labels feature simple illustrations that focus on images of a bird, as well as images of particular flavor notes contained in each beer. The beers are labeled using a different pair of colors for each flavor. For example, the Sun Juice Belgian Summer Ale is decorated with a green illustrated bird, as well as an orange-colored sun and an image of an orange wedge.

The consistent use of the bird as the Stony Creek Brewery mascot creates a cohesive flow among the three unique beer bottles. In addition, the soft color schemes and etched images allow consumers to connect the brand to each of the different beers.