The 'B-HEAT' Directs Exhaust Heat Towards the Rider

 - Nov 29, 2017
References: yankodesign
Riding a motorcycle in winter can be possible if the conditions are clear but will surely make the rider open to potential frostbite, so the 'B-HEAT' has been designed as a way to combat against the cold.

The system works by being attached onto Underbone-style motorcycles that are popular in many parts of Asia, which has the motor in the bottom portion between the rider's feet. When installed, the unit will direct heat that's created by the engine upward via piping to the rider to keep their hands and torso warmer as they brave cold winter weather for a ride.

The 'B-HEAT' system is the design work of Byeongjun Kim and identifies a solution to the problem of how to keep single-person vehicles comfortable for use year-round.