This Dessert Shop is Using Science to Make the Best Doughnut Possible

It might be a mistake to call Curiosity Doughnuts a bakery -- it's more like a lab, trying to develop the formula for the world's best doughnut.

The baking heroes in the quest for the best doughnut are chefs Aki Kamozawa and Alexander Talbot of Ideas in Food, a fascinating website that explores the science and art of cooking through improvisation.

The doughnuts found at Curiosity aren't the extreme variations that normally make news in the food world -- the cronut and the maple bacon doughnut come to mind. Instead, they feature small tweaks that bring them closer to achieving best doughnut status, like buttermilk in the custard and freeze-dried strawberries in the strawberry glaze. Curiosity responds to its customer's feedback, changing each recipe ever so slightly and evolving every time.