The Hopping Berry Mixes Fruit Notes with the Refreshing Taste of Ale

 - Aug 15, 2014
References: seriouseats & seriouseats
American bartender Justin Maas created this refreshingly fun and innovative cocktail called the Hopping Beery that incorporates fresh berries, citrus juices and the tantalizing taste of ale to create a unique beer cocktail. This is a fun way to infuse hoppy beers with new sweet flavors.

Maas makes the Hopping Berry drink starting off with a juniper gin base. This adds a floral note to the drink that is coupled with the refreshing taste of strawberries and blueberries. Lemon juice is added for an acidic note that pairs beautifully with the hoppy taste of the beer. Maas chooses to add a Belgian Golden Ale because of its piquant taste. The cocktail is poured into a delicate balloon glass and served to guest as an invigorating summertime cocktail that is perfect to serve at events or dinner.