The Design of This Beach Chapel Leaves Space for the Tide to Roll In

 - Jun 24, 2016
References: vectorarchitects & dezeen
The ever-changing movements of a tide can be both dynamic and destructive, but they do not get in the way of this beach chapel design.

The 'Seashore Chapel' by Vector Architects is now the closest building to the sea in all of Beidaihe, a small town that's just east of Beijing, China. In order to come so close to the sea, the structure was designed to be raised on columns that leave space for the tide to naturally come and go over the course of the day. When the tide is low, a portion of the structure serves as a partial shelter from the surrounding elements.

The creators of the Seashore Chapel remark that "We imagine the Seashore Chapel as an old boat drifting on the ocean a long time ago. The ocean receded through time and left an empty structure behind, which is still lying on the beach." This is a beautiful example of how designers and architects can work alongside nature, rather than disrupt its natural paths.