'OOH OOH AH AH Banana Jams' are Gooey Great Spreads

 - Apr 10, 2013
References: firebox
On a mission to make my wildest dreams come true, Banana Puree Jams by ‘OOH OHH AH AH Banana Jams’ are packaged in sets of three yummy combinations I am dying to try out.

These particular Banana Puree Jams are made in Belgium by a clever company that named itself after the noises monkeys make. Decadent, inciting flavors such as white chocolate, rhubarb and rum and raisin are pureed with ripe bananas to make these delectable, spreadable jams. Banana fruit jams are taking average peanut butter sandwiches and turning them into enjoyable gourmet lunches!

Each jar of OOH OHH AH AH banana fruit jam is 200 grams of spreadable goodness. The packaging is also very suitable; each of the three flavors features a different adorable cartoon monkey face, reminding you that you’re enjoying a sweet monkey treat.