Temple of Seitan's 'Bae-Cone' is a Meatless Bacon Alternative

 - Aug 17, 2017
References: fatgayvegan & metro
Temple of Seitan is a vegan establishment in London that sets itself apart as a destination for vegan fried chicken—and it is now experimenting with a bacon alternative snack called the 'Bae-Cone.'

The Bae-Cone is made with a slice of seitan that has been rolled into a cone shape. This form serves as the vessel for holding everything from fries and vegan cheese sauce to the Temple of Seitan’s signature fried chicken. As Temple of Seitan co-owner and founder Pat O’Shea says: "It’s heavily inspired by the excess of American thatched bacon dishes, however we know that there’s no reason vegan food can’t be just as dirty and over the top. It’s a pig-free pig out!"

The Bae-Cone is set to make its official debut at the Hackney Downs Vegan Market, where it will be sold exclusively.