'Sober Steering' Embeds BAC Calculator Sensors into Vehicles

 - Dec 5, 2015
References: sobersteering & damngeeky
Despite the known dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, the number of accidents and deaths each year associated with impaired driving remain high, which is something 'Sober Steering' is looking to deter with a new biometric steering wheel BAC calculator.

A Canadian startup, 'Sober Steering' is currently running a pilot project with bus companies that are involved with transporting children to and from school as well as shipping goods around the country. The biometric BAC calculator sensor works by being implemented right into the steering wheel; if it detects any alcohol vapors from the drivers palm, it will disable starting.

If the BAC calculator sensor detects alcohol while the vehicle is in motion, it will alert authorities who can then be sent an exact location of the impaired driver's whereabouts.