The Art Installation 'SUN' Lets People Control the Sun's Movements

 - May 31, 2017
References: vimeo & fastcodesign
An art installation called 'SUN' is taking over Venice, Italy, by inviting users to explore, play and interact.

The artists behind SUN painted a giant bouncy ball a blue-white color, and when placed it on the ground in front of an LED screen. The LED screen displayed the sky stretching over water, with a setting sun as its focus. If a person picked up the tangible ball and moved it, the sun on the screen moved too. Users were quick to realize they were holding the sun in their hands. Through the exhibition, users are able to control the sun's movements, making it a 3D sun in an infinite space.

The invitation to touch, play and control the art installation creates excitement among all people and redefines art as something that can be participatory.