AERIAL by Baptiste Debombourg is an Art Glass Sculpture Sure to Awe

 - Nov 11, 2015
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At first glance, AERIAL by Baptiste Debombourg looks like a wave of water or an oversized piece of ice, but it's only on closer inspection that i's revealed to be an art glass sculpture of awe-inspiring proportions. The delicate yet sturdy art glass sculpture is characterized by it's ability to simulate the movement of water, despite none being present.

The feeling of AERIAL by Baptiste Debombourg is somber and tranquil, giving off the vibe of a wave frozen in time to be admired and studied. The art glass sculpture features a series of crack, chips and breaks that give a certain level of texture that makes it seem almost ethereal in nature.

Supported by a series of scaffolding, AERIAL by Baptiste Debombourg brings to mind nature with a modern twist.