The Aqueous Fluoreau Series by Mark Mawson is Artful & Awe-Inspiring

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: markmawson & frameweb
The 'Aqueous Fluoreau' series by Mark Mawson is the photographer's latest highly conceptual series. This recent body of work features a set of bold and dynamic portraits created by submerging paint under water.

The artist's intriguing method was inspired by the act of pouring milk into a cup of coffee. After visually reacting to the simple pairing, Mawson began experimenting with bold hues of paint in different mediums.

The result is a striking series that flows effortlessly, resembling smooth smoke. The organic compositions play with human perception and are full of personality and character. When dropped under water, paint explodes into a sea of rainbow hues, creating a visual experience like no other. These intriguing photographs have a sculptural quality, daring to be different with a distinctive style that's all their own.