Currency Portraits by Senseteam are Dead on the Money

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: & thisiscolossal
Senseteam is a Chinese creative firm that has recently given new meaning to the term "looking like a million bucks" with its currency portraits. Currency portraits encompass bills from all over the world which are then dissected, organized and then transformed into the visual treat that is currency portraits.

The faces do not feature any pop culture icon or politician, instead, these portraits don’t follow the money—they are the money. Senseteam has composed a book full of its ideas and creations entitled 'Big Business 3,' which is sure to captivate the hearts and creative minds of millions. The meaning is said to "reflect the subtle relationships and influences across money, desire, society, nations, and human beings" according to the artists.

Currency portraits bear a delightful charm that has an authentic design. Upon viewing these currency portraits, one is inclined to reference Jerry Maguire, "Show me the money!"