Bela Borsodi Strikes Again With Air-Filled Bimbos

Most circus clowns won't make you a balloon like artist Bela Borsodi will. Mainly because that balloon would cost $1,000 with all the fashion accessories it comes with.

These air-filled prima donnas have attitude and they're aren't afraid to strut their stuff. Complete with purses, hats, jewelry, cigarettes and expensive clothing, these girls are ready for the red carpet. One balloon-babe is even showing off some skin in her bikini as she sports a highly fashionable turban on her head. Another is an ultra trendsetter as she somehow manages to pull off wearing a sparkly high heel on her head.

These balloon girls have already been called into offices at NBC and CBS to pitch their new pilot TV show titled "Real Housewives of Balloonville" -- well, not really but I think the idea could have legs.