This Playful Animal Stationery Doubles Masks That Can Be Worn

This entertaining animal stationery set features vibrant designs that can be used as both notecards and masks. The fun paper set includes animal masks that are shaped after creatures like the zebra, baboon and polar bear. In order to make the process of sending someone one of these fun animal masks, the set includes a total of 12 notecards that can be folded and envelopes to go with each one.

Throughout history, masks have been an integral part of storytelling, so this animal stationery Fredericks & Mae simply updates the idea for modern audiences. The brand notes that: "The oldest masks that have been discovered are 9,000 years old."

These pieces of stationery would make fantastic invitations to a child's birthday party or other special event, especially if it is one that will be following a zoo or wild animal theme.