These Android OS Names Were in the Running for the New Product

When Nestlé and the operating system collaborated and created the Android KitKat, there were runner-up Android OS names that were close to making the cut.

While the delicious snack was definitely a great choice, there are other yummy foods that became the runner ups to steal the title. For example, sticking with the chocolate-y theme, the Android 4.4 could’ve been called the Nutella or the Kinder Surprise. For the not-so-healthy eaters, the Android hot dog or hamburger would’ve been a winning choice. However, on the completely other end, the company took into account the extremely health-conscious population and were even dabbling with the name Quinoa!

All the images feature a picture of the delicious snack, and what the ads would be looking like now if the four stick chocolate bar had not been crowned with the title for the Android OS 4.4.