'Alpine Barn DZ' Looks to Have Been Dug Out of the Earth

 - Jan 25, 2018
References: archdaily
Alpine Barn DZ is an old building in the Dolomites, a small range of the alpine mountains in Northeast Italy, and EXiT Architetti Associati, a local studio, recently refurbished the cottage. It's fitting that Alpine Barn DZ is a historic building, as the refurbishment exaggerates the already excavated look of the building.

Built on a hillside, Alpine Barn DZ's front side is much closer to the ground than its back. Rather than building something following the contour of the slope, though, the original building was constructed in much the same fashion as the cottages and buildings around it. This means that the basement, made of concrete bricks, is totally exposed on the sides and the back, making it look as though the entire chalet has been dug out of the earth.