'Bar None' Offers Sophisticated Alcohol-Free Drinks

At a time when many consumers are drinking less and looking for flavorful, alcohol-free experiences, there have never been more satiating alcohol alternatives to choose from. The Coca-Cola Co. is now exploring the world of zero-alcohol products with a new brand by the name of 'Bar None,' which provides sophisticated, cocktail-inspired beverages.

While alcohol-free options of the past have caused consumers to settle for sugar-laden mocktails and sodas, a new wave of products is offering a low-sugar approach. Bar None's beverages are sweetened with juice or cane sugar and contain between 70 to 130 calories.

Some of the creative alcohol alternatives offered by Bar None include the Ginger Mule, a Sparkling Sangria, a Dry Cider and the Bellini Spritz, all of which are packaged in tall amber bottles like beer.