The 'WAVE' Air Conditioner System Cools and Purifies the Air

 - Dec 21, 2016
References: yankodesign
The 'WAVE' air conditioner system is outfitted with the ability to also purify the air within a space to help effectively make the unit as versatile as possible when installed. The 'WAVE' works by incorporating an air conditioner unit on one side with the air purifier on the other. The air purifier portion features a wireless design that allows it to be placed in various spaces throughout the home for purification purposes.

The 'WAVE' features a slim design that can be incorporated into a space without detracting too much from the overall style aesthetic. The 'WAVE' air conditioner system is the design work of Chen Weiran, Tu Qinghua, Shao Jinpeng, Wei Ziwei, Zhou Lilong and Li Sanxin for GD Midea.