Paige Bourassa & mbg's Tutorial is Targeted at Period Cramps

 - Jun 5, 2018
References: & mindbodygreen
mbgHealth and Paige Bourassa team up to relate a simple acupressure routine that is designed to reduce stress and ease pain. A licensed New York-based acupuncturist, Paige offers up "an effective three-point combo for menstrual cramps."

The video is extremely helpful and gives women instruction on how to self-massage for quicker pain relief. During the acupressure routine tutorial, the acupuncturist explains where each point is located and encourages viewers to massage it, while they take deep breathes. Bourassa identifies the most important pain point in the body as Large Intestine Four. The next areas of importance are Gall Bladder 34 and Spleen Eight for relaxation of the muscles.

If the acupressure routine is done in full for about two to three minutes, mbgHealth and Paige guarantee that the pain will start to subside.