Kim Byungkwan's Portrait Artwork is Eerie and Captivating

 - Mar 24, 2014
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Using both historical and pop culture icons, moments, celebrities (like Princess Diana, and even Hitler) and fads, these powerful, abstract portrait paintings are mesmerizing, and enchantingly bizarre.

Taking on both vibrant block color and surreal black and white techniques to harmonize the portrait, artist Kim Byungkwan makes abstract portrait paintings that are so well done that they look like photographs more than paintings -- with of course their eyes scratched out.

These unusual portrait paintings are made using acrylic paint on canvas. Once finished each piece, the Korean-based artist begins the destruction process to give his pieces the dream-like, eerie feel we can clearly see.

"My work is trying to destroy, tear up, and reconstruct this habitual vision so that our vision can be expended to other images," says Byungkwan.